Monthly Archives: October 2017

Semifinals LoL Worlds 2017 – Preview and Predictions

The LoL Worlds 2017 is slowly but surely coming to an end, only three matches are left on the schedule. But first of all, it’s time to enjoy the Semifinals, even though the two European teams did not make it...
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Bets, Odds, Betting Sites – Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2017

The Dota 2 Tournament ESL One 2017 Major in Hamburg is the first major tournament after TI7, although it still takes some time until the tournament starts, the big Esports betting sites have already started publishing their bets and odds....
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Riot Games to Postpone EU LCS Regional Plans

In September 2017, the ESPN reported that Riot Games will split the European LCS into a four-region format similar to Champions League. The 2018 EU LCS season was supposed to be geographically based with four different headquarters in major European...
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