Grand Finals – LoL Worlds 2016

It’s time to prepare a cool glass of champagne and some nibbles for all of your friends – the Grand Finals of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship is already scratching at the door. The final teams have been decided. Korea has proven, once again, to be the most

Future of skin gambling sites at risk

After a whole heap of scandals revolving around the notorious skin betting websites, things are becoming more and more clear about the future of it. At first, such online gambling sites were considered as an innocent form of fun… But nowadays they are under the spotlight due to speculations of

Semifinals – LoL Worlds 2016

After the conclusion of four exciting quarterfinal games the semifinals aren’t a long time in the coming. Although the 2016 World Championship already draw to a close, the LoL All-Stars 2016 tournament is soon at the ready in December 2016. The teams have been narrowed down drastically since the beginning of the tournament opening door to eSports betting

Bet365, the world’s most known eSports bookmaker, is once again expanding their business. This time, the reason behind this is a huge growth in eSports betting popularity in Spain. With the LoL Worlds 2016 currently making quite a havoc on the eSports scene, the growth comes as no surprise. This

Drone Racing betting is a real thing

A couple of years ago, most people have looked at drones as expensive, military stuff that has no real purpose in their everyday lives… But things have changed recently, mostly because cheap drones have flooded the market. Nowadays, you can purchase a miniature drone for less than $20. A full

Quarterfinals – LoL Worlds 2016

Right after the group stage of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship has concluded the quarterfinals herald the start of the knockout stage of the tournament. The teams have been narrowed down from 16 to 8. The remaining teams took the top 2 seeds from their groups and have advantage

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