CSGO Lounge is back stronger than ever!

CSGO Lounge, one of the infamous CS:GO skin betting sites is back up and running. This comes as quite a surprise after Valve’s 2 waves of cease and desist letter that they sent out a few months ago. With them, they banned all such online esports betting sites from operating

Ginx TV – a bright eSports future

Another big collaboration between two TV giants has started. This time around, it is based alongside the growing eSports industry. Sky TV and ITV doubled their investment into Ginx TV, getting 16.5% shares of the company. It’s a straight-on eSports TV service, and if we take into consideration that Ginx TV

Group Stage #1 – LoL Worlds 2016

The first part of the group stage embraces the first week of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship and is going to start on September 29th to impress fans and spectators all over the world. In this early phase of the tournament each team will play one single game against the other

LoL Patch 6.18 – World Championship 2016

With the 2016 League of Legends World Championship knocking at the door it is now time to take a look at the patch 6.18 of the tournament. While patch 6.19 has already arrived at the live servers providing an overhaul to the changes of Kog’maw and patch 6.20 promises a

Yet another eSports betting scandal…

I’m sure all of you must have heard about the eSports online betting scandals over the past few months. I am talking about all those skin betting sites that had to shut down earlier this year. Despite some of them are still up and running, this eSports betting scandal was

Casters and Analysts – LoL Worlds 2016

We’re just two weeks away from the culmination of fantastic League of Legends season. 2016 LoL Worlds is just about to start, and we know all the groups, seeding, rules, tickets are available, and all there’s left to reveal was the casters and analysts lineup. Riot Games announced the complete

Prize Pool – LoL Worlds 2016

As one might expect Riot Games did things in style again and assessed the prize pool for the 2016 League of Legends Worlds at the amount of $2.130.000 US-Dollars. Thereby the lion’s share of one million dollar will fall into the hands of the tournament’s winner – the undisputed 2016 League

Schedule and Results LoL Worlds 2016

The schedule for the LoL Worlds 2016 group stage is already confirmed! Only a few days after the group draw of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship tournament Riot Games released the official schedule for the group stage games. The schedule for the preliminary round will take place between September 29th and October

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