LCS Summer Split Week 3

The third week of the esport league LCS beginns at June 29th, 2013. Eight matches will be played in the european league this weekend and 12 in the american LCS. Who can’t watch the League of Legends games live, can watch the matches on the Twitch and Youtube channel of

Baron steal by Lux

To steal Baron Nasher is a very unique move in League of Legends. Vileroze teaches us how this is properly done with a Lux. Although Velocity Esports clearly lost the match against Team MRN, at least Vileroze showed his skill as Mid Laner and Baron thief. Furthermore Velocity was able

Dota 2 release summer 2013 confirmed!

Last week it hast just been a rumor, now it has been confirmed. Rod Breslau from gamespot officialy confirmed that Valve plans to release Dota 2 this summer before “The International 2013“. After a two year lasting beta phase Dota 2 will finaly go public, but only in Europe and North

LCS Week 1 Summary

The first week of the LCS is over and in the european as well as in the north american League of Legends Pro League a promoted team is leading. In europe “Team Alternate” has the lead with five victories so far. In North America “Cloud 9 HyperX” didnt loose any

LCS summer split bets and odds!

Now that the first matches of the Super Week in the north american LCS have been played, the bookies have announced the quotes for the rest of the matches of the Super Week. Today on Friday the 14th, 2013 at around 22:00 european time, we will see the next matches.

Dota 2 Release this summer?

The long waiting could soon have an end. Dota 2, which is in its beta phase for nearly two years now, could finaly be released in summer 2013. The magazin PC Gamer wrote in its July edition, that Dota 2 will be release before the big tournament “The International 3”.

Four new Dota 2 Leagues

Nexon brought a big surprise for alle Dota 2 fans last weekend. The korean publisher announced during the E3 to start four news Dota 2 Leagues with a total prize money pool of 1,77 million Dollar. It seems that Nexon tries to establish Dota 2 as a competitor on the

Alot of news in the LCS Summer Split

The spring break for the League of Legends LCS esport pros is nearing its end in Europe and North America. At June 12th the american league starts with the match “Team Coast” (former Good Game University) vs. “TSM Snapdragon“. At the same day “Curse” will play against “Vulcun Techbargains“. The

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